Our Dogs

CH Sapphires Jenga (Jenga)

BG #120432

Sire:  BIS BISS GCH Villairns Tag You're It CD ND

Dam:  CH Sapphires True Blue Friend V Nashem

Carol and Roger Arbuthnot

CH Sapphire Crestline Saison (Saison)


Sire:  BIS GCH Nashem's Homebrew

Dam:  GCH Sapphire's St. Pauli Girl

Carol Arbuthnot and Mary Mumma

CH Sapphire Crestline Cascade (Casey)

BG #90241

Sire:  CH Berntiers Rough Rider

Dam:  GCH St. Pauli Girl

Mary Mumma and Carol Arbuthnot

GCH Sapphire and Tanzanite Million To One Odds (Bookie)

BG #121179

Sire:  GCH Ayehli's Keeper Of The Keys

Dam:  GCH Sapphire's One In A Million

Carol and Roger Arbuthnot

Sapphires Mega Millions (Lotto)

BG #140226

Sire:  GCH Sapphire And Tanzanite Million To One Odds

Dam:  Sapphires Diamond In The Ruff

Carol Arbuthnot

Sapphires Diamond In The Ruff (Bristol)

BG #102454

Sire:  GCH JCH Beowulf AV Hiselfoss

Dam:  CH Sapphire's  Double Helix

Byron and Shannon Scott and Carol Arbuthnot